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Let's talk about the word "custom."


Just like Inigo Montoya from the 1987 romantic comedy film The Princess Bride, we'd like to clarify. Let's talk about the word "custom."

Creating custom learning experiences at Idea Learning doesn’t mean pulling existing materials off the shelf and simply adding your logo or brand or changing some key words. That’s one way to provide learning, but that’s not our way.  

No two learners and no two clients are alike.

When we create custom learning experiences, we study up on your business and your industry, and get to know your employees.

We go nuts for information – yes, we’ve learned everything about electrical safety in wind turbines in the North Sea, we’ve studied up on how the stock level of waffle cones must be carefully managed in an ice cream shop, and learned the differences between motorhomes and totorhomes (yep, that’s a thing.)

We become best friends with your most knowledgeable employees and scour all available resources so we can create truly custom learning experiences that work well for you and only you.   

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