A new era. A new way to learn.

Our Brand Promise is, “A new era. A new way to learn.” Our employees and subcontractors are encouraged to push learners just outside their comfort zone (learning by doing). Our website is a metaphor for our methods: open-path, experience-based, and purpose-driven. We steer clear of cookie-cutter interfaces and clip art and instead craft something that feels human and wholly unexpected.

We decided early on that we’re in the business of learning. We measure our success by the learning experiences that we create. What does that mean? When we’re learning, we're not only acquiring new knowledge and skills, we're also blazing a new path by cultivating our own understanding and application.

Our learning designs are grounded in our experience and research on adult learning and incorporate:

      • Experiential learning: Learning through experience (doing, acting, touching, feeling, and moving) is one of the most natural, basic concepts of learning. In fact, our experience continually shapes the neural pathways in our brains.
      • Emotional learning: Effective learning often evokes strong emotional reactions. When learning is emotional, learners are more likely to recall information, make decisions more quickly and effectively, and take appropriate actions.
      • Social learning: As humans, it’s natural for us to learn through engagement and interaction with others. Learning through social interaction and engagement can help learners consider alternative perspectives, build community, and weave together important (and often novel) insights.
      • Learning for introverts and extroverts: Many of today’s popular learning methods (icebreakers, role-playing, etc.) are catered toward extroverts, who generate energy from an active group, as opposed to introverts, who thrive in solitude and reflection. An effective learning experience, however, appeals to both extroverts and introverts.
      • Learning through play as adults: Play can help us generate new neural networks, solve problems, and build creativity, yet it’s often dismissed as a waste of time. Even many animal species continue to play into adulthood! We believe that play can be an engaging way to create effective learning experiences.
      • Using lecturing effectively: Lecturing can be an effective learning method—if it’s done correctly. Three key ways to do this are by breaking the lecture up into 10-minute chunks, ensuring that the lecture is visually engaging, and incorporating surprising or unexpected elements into the presentation.
      • Constructivist learning: The constructivist approach focuses on facilitating opportunities to build knowledge instead of directly instructing learners. It emphasizes learning over teaching, offers authentic tasks to engage learners, provides opportunities to construct instead of reproduce information, and poses problem-based scenarios.
      • Learning through choice: Learners thrive when they have the freedom to choose from a variety of options. Research has shown that providing choice increases intrinsic motivation and allows learners to experience a variety of learning modalities, which enriches the brain and enhances the learning experience.

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