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Cards Against Mediocracy


We’ve all had that moment when you realize it’s your responsibility to come up with an icebreaker and you just can’t facilitate another round of “Two Truths and a Lie.” Jillian felt that way last summer when she was asked to lead the committee charged with selecting concurrent sessions for the #ATD2018 conference in San Diego. With the dozens of activities or so that get reused over and over, she wanted to create an icebreaker for this group that was totally different.

We landed on the inspiration to create a Cards Against Humanity inspired icebreaker – the NSFW game everyone loves but never talks about at work. It’s a perfect format for an icebreaker because the rules are simple and it’s a fun game! Thus, a customized version, “Cards Against Mediocracy” was born.

Jillian only planned for the group to play three or four rounds, but they had so much fun that they played much longer until at last, they forced themselves to stop to get down to work. In the end, everyone had a blast, got to know each other, and authentically broke the ice. 

Check out a few of the cards…

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