Project Management

Keep your project on time and on budget - yep, we want that, too

1. Stakeholders

One of the best things you can do is identify project stakeholders. Nothing is more disheartening than getting to the end of a project and being unable to launch it because a stakeholder is engaged late in the game and has a very different vision for the project.

2. Single point of contact

We ask that you identify a single point of contact to partner with us, and that individual should work with others inside your organization to ensure support for the project, in general and in detail. This may include setting aside time on the stakeholders’ calendars during our Learn phase and during schedule review times to make sure they don’t get missed or scheduled over.

3. Content

Gathering content early and ensuring that the content is final and unchanging is critical to a successful project. It’s not uncommon for us to begin a project and then discover that the content we planned to use is unavailable or not finalized. This most likely will  change deliverable dates, but it can also result in an increase in cost.

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