Learning Methods

Bite-sized learning


While robust learning programs might be best for certain projects, leaving out the in-between “snack times” could mean missed opportunities to engage and reinforce learning. Microlearning, often called “bite-sized learning,” is short, focused learning nuggets (often 3-5 mins long or shorter) designed to meet specific learning objectives.

  • Accessible—can be delivered on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Just-in-time—available on demand, just when a learner needs it
  • Quick—appeals to shorter attention spans
  • Memorable—reinforces formal learning
  • Learner-centric—learners choose their learning path 

Even when we’re learning unintentionally, we tend to naturally learn in bits and pieces instead of large systems. Instructional designers are trained in terms of chunking. Think of bite-sized learning more in terms of morsels.  

Microlearning is not just the latest trend—it’s smart design that aligns with the vast discoveries brain scientists have been making over the past several years.

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