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Our Mission


Idea Learning provides experience-based, open-path, and purpose-driven learning that's essential to fueling self-driving organizations.


Say the words “company training” and our minds immediately go to droning instructors and a room full of people checking their phones. Our favorite hobbies like golf, skiing, chess, and cooking are learning experiences that offer a better model of how our brains work best.

  • We create experiential learning programs that fully engage employees so they learn faster, more fully absorb the material and enjoy the experience more.


Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you: No two learners are alike. Some are visual learners. Others do best by listening. Still others need hands-on experience. Many learn best in teams. Others prefer to absorb the material on their own.

  • We design learning programs that provide as many different paths through the material as there are learner types.
  • We give learners the ability to pick and choose their own route so everyone is free to learn the way their brains think.


We all learn best when there’s something at stake. A goal to reach. A challenge to overcome.

  • The programs we design help learners synthesize new content and work through what it means to them within the context of their day-to-day jobs.

In doing so, participants are better able to bridge the gap between the material and how to put that material into action in overcoming the real-world challenges of an organization.


  • Purpose Unites: At the heart of any effective culture is a broad yet clear purpose that helps gather a diverse workforce toward a common goal.
    • All self-driven organizations have a clear, actionable answer when an employee asks, “How are we making the world be a better place?”
  • Freedom Empowers: Freedom and autonomy are basic human needs, essential to both emotional and intellectual growth. The opposite of freedom and autonomy is control.
    • When you trust employees to solve challenges in their own way, using their own natural abilities, they solve those problems quicker, more effectively, and efficiently.
  • Learning Fuels: If you only give someone a purpose and freedom, you’ll be left with a person inspired and empowered to change the future, but lacking the skills, behaviors, and understanding to make that vision a reality. Knowledge is the engine that turns ideas and will into action. If you want to create a baker, teach them to bake. If you want to turn that baker into a leader, teach them how to empathize, to instill confidence, and to model integrity.
    • Whatever skills, behaviors, or concepts your workforce needs to rise to the next challenge—and to sustain them for decades to come—they can only come about as a result of effective, experience-based learning.

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