Reduce new employee ramp-up time by 50%

Viewpoint Construction Software

Case Studies

We partnered with Viewpoint to create a custom series of software management and development courses.They needed a way to quickly ramp up employees on technical skills to avoid a revenue bottleneck and to keep up with demand.

We got to work right away creating a blended approach that included eLearning, job aids, and classroom materials, with built-in mentoring opportunities and assessments. We started with zero content and developed a full-fledged learning experience within 90 days. The result was impressive: a 50% reduction in ramp-up time and an increase in experts dedicated to revenue-generating technical services.

The first project involved creating a database learning experience for Viewpoint Construction Software. The material focused on interpreting data in key tables, finding information and resources, and identifying naming conventions and patterns in various tables. We also created a custom user guide, which Viewpoint employees and contractors describe as an invaluable resource. The entirely self-paced learning experience is widely applicable across the company. Overwhelmingly positive feedback flowed in from all over the company following its rollout.

Our next project focused on data conversion and was intended for a much more specialized audience. Our goals were to explore the process of data conversion, review key tasks, and to emphasize the importance of mentor/mentee relationships in supporting ongoing development. The pilot session received extremely positive feedback, and attendees reported highly valuing the materials.

Although we were new to the construction software industry, we attribute our great success in both programs to the effective partnership we built with Viewpoint subject matter experts and our ability to conceptualize and execute the technical learning based on solid instructional design principles.

Viewpoint is a leading global provider of innovative construction-specific software solutions to the global construction and capital project industries.

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