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Large automotive company

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Maintaining a workforce of highly trained employees is a top organizational priority for a large automotive company with headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. They had worked with other custom development companies in the past, without positive results. Through those experiences, they discovered what they really needed in a vendor relationship: highly responsive service, great communication skills, and strict attention to detail.

Our first comprehensive project was to create an eLearning experience to orient staff to an updated inventory management software system. They already had an existing training course that needed to be redesigned to align with recent software changes. The training was not mandatory and needed to be compelling enough to interest employees who were somewhat resistant to adopting and using the redesigned software. They needed a better way to learn how to use the software and to manage their inventory better, with the ultimate goal of providing better customer service.

I actually feel like when I tell them things, they really listen. They really get it. They asked the right questions. They were truly trying to get at what the learner needed to know and determine how best to teach the material.

Client subject matter expert

  • We designed a narrative-inspired eLearning solution to help learners identify the role of inventory management in terms of time and cost, demonstrate their ability to successfully interact with the software system, and use the system to ultimately solve inventory issues. The goal was to make sure they not only understood how the software worked, but also how to use it to help solve problems they encountered on the job.

Our collaboration in developing the training has been very successful. The Program Managers have repeatedly complimented us on our high-quality deliverables, our clear, consistent communication, our dedication to deadlines, and our collaborative work style.

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