Prompting learners to evaluate their own perceptions related to cultural competency


Case Studies

ValueOptions (now Beacon Health Options) is the nation's largest independent behavioral health care and wellness company, specializing in management for behavioral health, mental health, and chemical dependency. When they partnered with us they explained that static cultural competency content wasn’t meeting the needs of their stakeholders.

Culture influences health and illness in the ways people conceptualize a given illness, seek help, utilize the healthcare system, relate to healthcare providers, and accept medical treatment prescriptions.

Wen-Sching Tseng, Jon Streltzer

Cultural Competence in Health Care (2008)

With culture so influential to health and treatment, we envisioned a solution that was as dynamic and varied as the cultural differences it explores.

We developed an eLearning course with a series of thought-provoking scenarios designed to grab the learners’ attention and prompt them to evaluate their own perceptions on various situations related to cultural competency.

Through interacting with a diverse set of scenarios, learners discover that cultural competency is a complex concept involving ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, healthcare concerns, age, and sexual orientation—and ways in which those perceptions and behaviors affect others.

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