Refreshing a refreshment business

Maletis Beverage

Case Studies

Beer. Our great Portland is famous for it, and we love it. Jillian’s maiden name “Brewer” is further proof that it’s just part of who we are at Idea Learning.

And what more perfect client for us than Maletis Beverage, a Portland-based, family-owned, beverage distribution powerhouse since 1935! Let’s just say we were easily wooed by this client.

Our work with Maletis was especially rewarding as we were able to assist them in re-defining their organizational vision, mission, and values. Creating this foundation allowed us to then create their new employee Onboarding Program, Performance Management System, and re-write job descriptions that were all in alignment. It’s a beautiful thing when all systems line up. It creates an environment where employees know what is expected of them and how their performance will be measured.

According to Gallup:

When employees know what is expected of them, have what they need to do their jobs, are good fits for their roles, and feel their managers have their backs, they will commit to almost anything the company is trying to accomplish.

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