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Our clients often ask us for one thing – an eLearning course, a workshop, or a game for example. If these were breakfast orders, they’d be asking for eggs and toast, tea and oatmeal, or a protein shake. All super yummy, but what we absolutely love is when our clients request a proper Full English Breakfast, aka a Learning Strategy. Learning Strategies are unique to each client and their needs – and allow us to provide them with complete learning solutions.

When Bob’s Red Mill asked us to create a Learning Strategy for a leadership development program for their supervisors, they were asking for the Full English Breakfast. They wanted to provide their supervisors with learning experiences through instructor-led sessions with interactive curriculum, experiential activities, developmental peer relationships, assessments/feedback, self-development, and on-the-job application assignments.

As part of our needs analysis, we learned all we could about supervisor knowledge and expectations at Bob’s. We reviewed job descriptions, performance evaluation documents, and outlines of initial iterations of supervisory coursework. We also reviewed existing eLearning courses in their Alchemy LMS that were applicable to supervisor training. Additionally, we conducted a focus group with members of the Learning and HR teams. We then recommended a “Full English” – a Learning Strategy comprised of a five-part blending learning experience designed to ensure that supervisors would transfer the knowledge from the sessions to the work floor.

This five-part blended experience included:

  • Pre-session messages via email with priming content and activities to prepare for the session
  • Selected eLearning courses that aligned with the classroom session
  • 3-hour instructor led, engaging classroom sessions
  • Post-session micro-learnings delivered via email
  • Manager guides with reinforcement expectations, activities, and discussion starters.

Check out Bob’s Red Mill quick, easy, and healthy breakfast recipes or even better, if you’re local, check out their whole grain store and restaurant & bakery. Bob’s Signature Waffles anyone?

We are so appreciative of Idea Learning for helping us create a leadership training program that not only is engaging, but is very interactive and focused on participation. This learning style has allowed our participants to retain more information and begin applying the concepts during the training. We have only received positive feedback about the training from participants. Now two months post training, we have seen significant improvement in resetting expectations, giving corrective/reinforcing feedback, de-escalating ER issues, and confidence in managing employees.

Inna Ellingboe

Employee Engagement Manager

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