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What does customer service mean to us?


We aim for client satisfaction for every project. No matter how large our business becomes, we intend to keep it that way. The key is not handing a client a product from our inventory that seems to meet most of the requirements, but instead building exactly what the client needs, from the ground up.

We listen, learn, and research to gain insights. Our project teams maintain a professional level of integrity in communications, respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours) to all inquiries, and deliver products according to the project timeline. We know the importance of keeping the lines of communication open; we actively listen, ask intelligent questions, and respect the expertise of those we work with.

Here's what customer service means to us: 

We do the research.

To us, research is more than just reading the given source materials. We immerse ourselves in the relevant topics, which often means having meetings with subject matter experts, learning a new software program, asking clarifying questions, and writing use cases based on what we discover. The result is a confident learning plan that addresses the exact audience needs.

We maintain open communication

Instead of simply taking notes, giving a diagnosis, and writing a prescription for an off-the-shelf solution, we have multiple interviews to listen and determine the solution we'll create. We make an effort to keep in touch with clients throughout the entire process. 

We use an iterative design process

We build multiple opportunities for client review into every project. So instead of writing a script, letting the client review it once, and then posting it online and calling it "final," we involve our clients in the entire process with many touch points and opportunities for feedback and revisions along the way. 

We offer flexible solutions

We start every project with open minds. What our client thinks is needed at the beginning phase of the project might evolve in an unexpected direction once we get moving. For example, a client might think she wants a classroom session. But when she engages us in the project, we uncover needs that lead to a different approach, like eLearning or a blended learning program. 

We sincerely love what we do

Finding the best learning solution can be confusing and complex. All our team members share a passion for unraveling information and extracting the most important nuggets to create the best learning possible. 

We ask for feedback

At the end of the project, we ask, "How did we do?" You'll notice that companies that don't value customer service rarely ask this question.

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