Project Management

Our project managers are the glue.


When you work with us, we designate a project manager as the main point of contact throughout the project. The project manager is separate from our instructional designer(s), quality assurance team, and creative team.

Our project manager:

  • Manages the overall schedule, resources, and deliverables
  • Leads the project launch meeting, project close meeting, and deliverable presentation meetings
  • Sends weekly status reports and check-in calls/meetings

Weekly check-in calls are optional, but many of our clients find it’s helpful to have 15 or 30 minutes set aside every week to discuss how things are going. 

If you prefer to forgo the weekly check-in call, and instead receive just the weekly status report, that's fine too. We send an email at the end of each week to keep you up-to-date on the schedule and deliverables. This report includes:

  • an overview of completed activities that week
  • key activities coming up next week
  • the project status (green, yellow, red)

We are really proud of our project management process. We've never missed a date on our end, and work very hard to ensure our clients are able to meet their commitments as well, keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

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