From zero to hero in 90 days

HealthCo Information Systems

Case Studies

HealthCo Information Systems resells an amazing, robust electronic charting software used by thousands of medical clinics across the nation. To communicate its industry leading features and benefits to potential customers, HealthCo needs their new sales employees to become Centricity software experts within their first 90 days of hire.

HealthCo asked for a solution to:

  • Condense the gap between learning the software and selling it
  • Ensure new sales employees deliver consistent and accurate customer-facing product demonstrations
  • Increase the percentage of follow up meetings

After diving into the software to become near-certified ourselves, we designed the GE Healthcare’s Centricity Sales Certification Program, a self-directed learning experience with a thorough certification assessment. New sales employees use the self-directed learning guide, organized into ten (10) sections to master the software. For each topic (software feature), they:

  • complete designated computer-based training(s)
  • read the workflow and associated screenshots
  • watch a demonstration of how to present the content consistently and accurately
  • practice in a sandbox
  • present the workflow to their manager

Once all sections are mastered, learners present the demonstration in its entirety to their manager for certification. They practice first with a peer reviewer to make sure they deliver the workflow in their own words, don't skip content, follow the presentation structure, and highlight the "wow's" of the product. The certification assessment is not a simple list--it's criteria and rating scale is used to assess mastery and to determine if further training is needed.

The GE Healthcare’s Centricity Sales Certification Program Self-Directed Learning Guide is provided electronically (think searchable and portable, it's over 230 pages!) and of course, can also be printed for those that prefer notes written in their own handwriting. To keep on track, there's a high-level checklist to track the progress of their learning and to refer to for manager status updates.

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