Encouraging Frequent Feedback

Daimler Trucks North America

Case Studies
How do you design a program that facilitates culture change – a culture that’s moving from a traditional once-yearly feedback model to one that encourages frequent feedback as a management philosophy?

We introduced Daimler’s new feedback philosophy to 900 managers located across the U.S. The learning experience we designed provided useful tools and techniques that turn feedback into a recurring behavior. It’s a full-day workshop with post-session reinforcement communications and learning resources to access just-in-time.

At the foundation is a 5-step feedback model – with an easy to recall acronym – for everyone to use when providing feedback, whether that feedback is corrective or reinforcing.

  • A full-day workshop gives managers opportunities to practice using the model. After experiencing the interactive scenario-driven game, one manager said, “This was so realistic; this scenario just happened to me yesterday!” and another commented, “The first few times I tried, it was hard, but after practicing so many times, I feel totally ready to do this.”
  • A pre-workshop eLearning module gives leadership a preview of what their managers will learn in the workshop – this ensured language and expectations are consistent and aligned throughout teams.
  • A series of micro-learnings are sent to managers post-workshop each week for 10 weeks. These help facilitate culture change with reminders of concepts and additional relevant information.
  • A one-hour virtual workshop reiterates key take-aways and provides managers with more specific ideas and examples of how to provide developmental feedback for employees based on their performance (low-performing, meets standards, high-performing).

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