Project Management

What will success look like?

When we discuss learning solutions with our clients, we ask, "What will success look like?"

Learning outcomes are the benefits to the organization as a result of the learners’ active participation in the learning experience and their application of learning back on the job.

  • What is the businesses reason or need?
  • What results does the business expect?

Learning outcomes are the first steps in our discovery process. With these defined, we'll next determine performance objectives -  the learner’s consistent and competent application of the learning experience to the job.

  • What will the learner think, feel, do on the job?
  • What are the observable, measurable behaviors learners will demonstrate on the job?

Next are learning objectives. These define the level to which the learner will demonstrate competence in the defined content. This tells us whether or not learning has occurred.

  • What will learners be expected to learn?
  • What is the level of expertise required?

We define each of these in order to design a custom learning solution that works for you...and only you.

Once the learning has taken place, we can implement an evaluation plan to determine if the learning outcomes, performance objectives, and learning objectives have been achieved. This may involve surveys, observations of workplace performance, or data analysis.

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