Changing behaviors to achieve wellness balance

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Case Studies

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ management needed to strengthen their culture by encouraging behaviors that influence and inspire others to achieve a balance of wellness in their lives.

The workshop topics center around “The Kimpton Wellness Wheel,” a visual representation of six core areas of wellbeing. In the session, participants:

  • learn to recognize the impact the Wellness Wheel can have on their wellbeing
  • identify a personal wellness goal
  • create a plan to achieve their wellbeing goal

The workshop’s replicable nature allows for easy implementation by facilitators in any location, regardless of their level of experience or subject matter expertise.

Materials are scalable and designed to roll out across 35+ locations nationwide.

Simply put, Kimpton makes life better on the road. That’s because they believe that human, heartfelt connections are what make life worth living. So they come to work every day eager to lavish them on their guests and each other. It’s nice to have that on your daily “to do” list. At Kimpton, customizing experiences is their passion and your requests are an invitation for them to excel. Add their bold, playful design, award-winning dining and perk-y amenities and you have the ultimate boutique hotel stay.

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