Two eLearning topics—60 days from start to finish

Marion County, Oregon

Case Studies

I have recommend Idea Learning to several people in a government training professionals group that I belong to. Many of the people in the group are just like me, trying to do 50 things with only enough time for 30 things.

Program Manager

Marion County needed a carefully designed, creative learning solution. The training was not mandatory, and it had to be compelling enough so that learners would feel motivated to participate.  

We were asked to create learning strategies on two topics followed by just-in-time learning to replace content that was previously taught in a classroom. The first eLearning program focused on recruitment, and it was divided into six short modules with specific topics that managers could experience in three- to five-minute increments. The next series was on progressive discipline, and it was split into four separate modules. These solutions were needed on a very restricted timeline for both topics—60 days from start to finish. 

The program manager remarked on:

  • our fast response time
  • our ability to make revisions and still stay within the agreed-upon timeframe

The entire HR staff were very happy with the results and the training met their expectations and accomplished all their goals. And one unexpected outcome of the training was that the Marion County team was able to base some additional training on the modules that we created for them. 

They were really great, collaborative, and responsive. It was so nice to work with them, because I always knew they'd get back with me quickly. And we are all happy with the product and how Idea Learning accomplished our goals.

Program Manager

Marion County, Oregon, is located south of Portland and includes the state capital of Salem and 19 other cities.

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