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How do you promote safety with an international workforce? Vestas Wind Systems A/S has turbine installations in over 70 countries with more than 20,000 technicians across the globe working with hazardous energy. Safety regulations between countries vary considerably, however Vestas needs all employees, regardless of location, to maintain a safe working environment. They require basic safety and the control of hazardous energy training for non-electrical personnel, qualified persons, and managers.

Vestas asked for a solution to:

  • Communicate requirements as defined by the Standard Electrical Safety and Control of Hazardous Energy programs
  • Ensure an efficient global rollout of electrical safety and the control of hazardous energy training

We partnered with master trainers, engineers, technicians, and safety experts in working meetings in Germany to finalize content for the training programs. In preparation, we developed instructional videos and supporting materials that focused on simple, complex, and group lockouts and created a three-part energy control coordinator course (the role of the energy control coordinator was a new one in Europe, and we worked carefully with Vestas in the US to define best practices).

In the working meetings, we also finalized the materials for master trainers for the rollout. We provided instructional design guidance to existing safety courses; based on our feedback, we implemented changes in real-time to finalize the teacher’s plans, PowerPoints, and participant guides.

Overall, we created:

  • Instructional videos and supporting materials for simple, complex, and group lockouts.
  • A three-part Energy Control Coordinator course with a focus on technical and soft skills development.
  • A seven-course workshop series with Master Trainer materials.
  • Five eLearning modules to refresh technicians' knowledge on electrical safety and lockout/tagout procedures.

We also traveled to Denmark to facilitate the soft skills course for master trainers.

Idea Learning is "my go-to vendor." It's rare to find a stress-free, no-drama, let's-get-the-job-done vendor. They are extremely easy to collaborate with. They quickly got up to speed, and the creative juices started flowing. I knew I was in good hands, and I didn't need to check in constantly. I felt very confident we were dealing with absolute professionals. It literally went that well.

Program Manager for Vestas in Denmark

Vestas is a leading international wind energy company headquartered in Denmark. For the past 30 years, Vestas has installed more than 46,000 turbines in 66 countries. The company’s mission is to enable energy independence demanded by the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies by building wind energy innovations as a natural alternative for finite fossil fuels.

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